Dartboards – The Nodor - Dartboard Clamp – Quick Release

The 3 clamps come complete with wall plugs and screws. Although a little complex to install once they are in position they will last a lifetime. The following are the necessary instructions to install the clamping system so we suggest you read prior to purchasing.

Quick Release Dart Board Clamp Instructions

1. Select a safe place to mount the dartboard (dartboards should not be placed on the back of doors!) allowing plenty of room for the playing area.

2. From the floor, mark the wall at a height of 59 and 1/8 inches (1,502mm).

3. Now hold the dartboard against the wall with the bottom edge of the dartboard (No. 3 segment) on the height mark from above (1,502mm). This will position the Bullseye at the correct playing height of 68" or 1,727mm.

4. Mark the wall directly underneath the No. 15 and No. 16 segments around the curve of the dartboard.

5. Take the bottom brackets (small pieces x 2) and hold against the wall with the rubber pad of the legs facing uppermost in line with the pencil line you have just made. Once in place mark holes through the bracket. Drill and fix the brackets using screws and plugs provided.

6. Place your dartboard into the bottom 2 brackets and mark around the top edge of the dartboard at the 20 segment.

7. The top bracket (largest piece) should be positioned with the rubber leg facing down and 3/8" (10mm) lower than the wall marking you have made (this will ensure the board is held securely). Once level hold the bracket in place and mark the wall through the 4 holes, drill and fix the bracket to the wall.

8. Once all 3 brackets are securely attached to the wall simply insert the dartboard with the No. 20 directly under the top bracket then push up and drop the bottom of the dartboard into the 2 bottom brackets always ensuring the dartboard is fully engaged before playing.

d before playing.