Perhaps many will be surprised to learn that there are fully accredited dart coaches available throughout Victoria. In fact coaching is available to all dart players around the country since Australia led the world in 1989 by becoming the first country to introduce a National Darts Coaching Program.

Accredited DFA Dart Coaches do not charge for their services, although when visiting remote areas, reimbursement of fuel costs by the host league is usual. Those who coach do so because of their love for the sport and a desire to increase enjoyment and success others obtain from playing darts.

Coaching courses for both level “O" and Level “1" DFA Coaching Accreditation are held each year here in Victoria, usually at the Southern Dart League in Clayton.

Level “O" is an introduction to the basics of coaching and runs for approximately six hours. The course is available to players from 18 years of age.

Level “1" is more comprehensive course, is darts specific and is held over two weekends. The Level 1 course is structured to assist you in the coaching of players from novice to intermediate level of ability.

Police checks are required in line with all such positions and for those intending to travel and stay away with juniors overnight at any time a Working with Children Card will also need to be applied for. Application forms can be obtained from your Post Office.

There is no charge for a police check being a “volunteer" coach, but you will need to present a passport photo with your application.

All of these procedures are very straight-forward and easily and quickly completed and should not deter anyone who feels they are suited to coaching from undertaking the course.

Costs of the courses do vary depending on the level you choose to train in. The Level 1 course is slightly more expensive but is till well under $100. Many dart leagues are more than happy to sponsor interested members and expand the effectiveness and integrity of their league. Governments Grants may also be available to cover or offset the costs associated with the coaching course.

Players gaining assistance from a dart coach will learn to put into place Home Practice Programs and obtain personal guidance in throwing style and mental attitude. Coached players may advance to a higher level of ability more quickly by smoothing out the highs and lows and making darts much more rewarding. Talk to your dart league about organising a coaching seminar or sponsorship to assist you in undertaking a coaching course.

For full details and to register your interest contact:

Victorian State Coaching Director: Brian Murr
Mobile: 0416 142 541