Our most popular range. Made from weapons grade 80% Tungsten. Massive choice of designs and weights, 60 different dart sets to choose from. With weights from 16 to 30 gram

Here we have the bushranger 16 g coded BR10 manufactured by Nodor International 80% tungsten. The darts come complete with flat wallet, the colour of which can vary. Flights, these particular ones are coalcracker or slim speed. Again they vary. The shafts are Nobby short shafts or sometimes we may use deflectorgrip nylon. The actual Dart themselves are grooved, nice deep grooves, a tiny Dart but then again they only weight 16 gram. The actual dimensions of the Dart diameter 6.3, length 40.9 or thereabouts. We will now check the weight quickly to see how they line up, 16.1 second Dart, 16.2, third Dart, 16.2 also. Quite consistent.