How to Play the Dart Game Baseball

Number of Players: 2 or 2 teams of 3
Number of Darts: 3

The object of this game is to throw as many home runs as possible, the four bases are, 20 first base, 6 second, 3 third, 11 home base.

After selecting teams and the batting order play begins. The player throwing first must aim at 20 (first base) once the player hits that number he moves on to 6 (second base), the player has three more darts to hit his target regardless of how many darts were thrown at 20.

When a player misses the target he is throwing for three times, this counts as three strikes. That a player is out of the game.

The next number on that team has his turn and starts from first base (20).

In how ever, a player scores a home run without having three strikes he waits in line for his “bat" again. When all three players on that team are out, the other team goes in to “bat" at the end of their innings the teams with the most home runs wins.