I’m not sure if anyone seen the Tour Mates 2.0 interview with Simon Whitlock and the series of questions that they asked Simon during the Brisbane darts masters championships.


They asked Simon a series of questions to see what his responses were.


Question 1: who was the best in practice that he played with and his answer was Peter Wright who he practices with many times.


Question 2: who is the hard man and Simon‘s answer was Gerwyn Price.


Question 3: was who was the tightest with money in relation to the players they plays against he gave a little chuckle and said probably me.


Question 4: which Dart player was most likely to hit a nine data. Michael van Gerwyn with Simon‘s answer because he’s the machine.


Question 5: who is the most intelligent and Simon chuckled again and said me.


Question 6: who is the best dressed player Simon’s answer Peter Wright because of his hair and the fact that he wears amazing shoes.


Question 7: who is the worst dressed Simon’s answer has to be the players who wear their shirts out like Cheesy.


Question 8: who’s your best mate and Simon’s answer was Josh Pain and Peter Wright.


Question 9: who is the biggest joker again Simon‘s answer was Van Gerwyn he likes to joke around a bit.


Question 10: who is the biggest moaner Simon’s answer myself I moan a lot about the Dartboards and other stuff.


Question 11: who is the best dancer his answer Dimitri all day long and then Devon.


Question 12: who do you think will be the future world champion Simon’s answer me then he said Dimitri but given that they’re just so many good players out there who knows.


Question 13: who is the bogey player Simon chuckles and he said I’ve got about 127 bogey players they’re all pretty bad.