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from the Book "Darts" by Noel E. Williamson - I was lucky enough to obtain a copy from the Darts Section on eBay

The Right Atmosphere - continued from the last post

This does not apply to all darts clubs however, I have found many of them to be not only hospitable but definitely encouraging towards dart players. In fact, some of our champion dart players have been from Working Men's Clubs in recent years. I still prefer the "pub" atmosphere, however. In such an atmosphere, homely and agreeable, it is easy to relax and throw your normal dart game. I have heard it said that a good dart player is born and not made, but I must beg to differ on this point, as from personal experience and discussions on the subject with some really outstanding players, all the facts that I have gleaned point to the contrary. Practice, practice and more practice is the secret to success in this, as in most sporting and competitive endeavors. 

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