YouTube review of the Target Carrera V-Stream V1 26 gram Darts - D0627

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We honestly think enough has been said regarding the Carrera V-Stream Darts and the revolutionary Swiss Point.

Let us move to something a little different - Equipment - Few dart players for a match with four sets of darts, like one of those tennis players who walk onto Wimbledon's Centre Court with an armful of rackets. Few, in fact, will bring more than one set of darts with them. They know what darts they want to throw and there is no point if they start hitting treble one on the dartboard.

But blunt darts find the wire. Always carry a dart sharpener. Always carry a spare set of dart shafts. Similarly, carry spare dart be continued


Dart Weight 26gms
Material 90% Tungsten
Barrel Length 51.00mm
Barrel Diameter 7.30mm
Barrel Shape Speciality

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