YouTube review of the Shot Wild Frontier Trapper 26 gram Darts - D0621

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What more can we say about the Wild Frontier Trapper Darts that is not already in the description offered by the manufacturers? So, in this case, we suggest you click on the link provided for the extensive report about these darts.

Maybe this is an opportunity to offer a couple of little darts coaching hints - Counting Ability - This is a simple one. Know all the finishing combinations. It is the most important part of the battle. If you have to stop and think, you break concentration and this can be fatal. On the other hand, play within your limitations. Don't go for a bull finish just for show: there is nothing wrong with 18, double 16.

The hint was taken from Darts '78 Your Guide to the Game by Derek Brown. You can sometimes find a copy listed in the darts section of eBay!


Dart Weight 26gms
Material 80% Tungsten
Barrel Length 53.00mm
Barrel Diameter 7.70mm
Barrel Shape Speciality

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