YouTube review of the Mission Deep Impact M5 24 gram Darts

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Mission Deep Impact Steel Tip Tungsten Darts - 80% Tungsten. Features: 80% Tungsten Barrels, Black Titanium Coating, 1 Sets of Mission Flights, 1 Set of Mission Shafts with S-Lock rings, Point Protector.

The Mission Deep Impact consists of a slightly front loaded highly contoured barrel. Radial grooves in the thicker front portion of the barrel give way to a microgrip scallop in the centre. The striking and durable titanium nitride coating is complimented by 2 pairs of contrasting red rings. The stunning design is completed by the Mission logo, laser etched into the rear of the barrel.

It is important to remember that over time the packaging, shafts and flights may vary from those shown 

This dart has a barrel length of 54.00mm with a diameter of 8.00mm

The grip rating of this dart on a scale of 1 to 10 is a nine

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I am very conscious of movement when throwing darts. It is the balance which puts the edge on the accuracy of the throw. If you move when throwing it is almost impossible to throw all the three darts in the same manner. The dates are released at different stages of the arm movement causing an erratic jerking motion. I have been guilty myself of throwing my body and arm with the last dart and it was necessary to correct this to sustain any degree of consistency. It is also fair to say at this point that a pair of comfortable shoes also helps to maintain a good balance especially when playing in the long all day competition