YouTube review of the Deadeye Cougar Black Titanium Coated 90% Tungsten 22 gram Darts

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Precision engineered and manufactured in England from 90% Tungsten - coated with Black Titanium

Complete with 2 sets of Deadeye Deadringer Shafts, 2 sets of Deadeye 100 micron Flights and a Somersby Dart Case

The flights, shafts and colour of the Somersby Case may vary from those shown.

This dart has a barrel length of 50.10mm with a diameter of 6.40mm

The grip rating of this dart on a scale of 1 to 10 is a six

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There is an element of chance in every game, but in darts, a game which is ever increasing in popularity both as a spare-time recreation and a competitive indoor sport. I maintain that there is comparatively little luck with the thrower, as it is essentially a game of skill Bad luck, yes, as even a good dart thrower can hit the wire with a dart that would otherwise have scored, or place darts on either side in close proximity to the required double. Any shot, that is a single throw which scores where intended, or any one, two ot three dart finish to a game, is, without a doubt, good throwing in any language!