Today we are reviewing the Ronin Yu Front Weighted 95% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

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Darts Trivia

Who Starts?

This is a thorny one. Accepted national rules are that the winner of the toss-of-a-coin goes first in the first,third and fifth legs, the loser goes first in the second and fourth legs. It's unfair shout fifty per cent of readers. Well is it? If you throw second against a class darts player who checks out in fifteen darts it means you have to check out in twelve darts to win the leg! An obvious answer, often used in Pubs darts, is levelling out, or equal darts as it is sometimes called. That means if a player goes out in fifteen darts, the second player can throw his/her thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth darts to try to win or tie. - 

More Trivia to follow