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The Dart Board

The Dart Board

The following is another version of where the dart board originated from. I discovered this in an old publication, unfortunately the cover has been removed so I am unable to ascertain the author or publishers.

One popular theory of the origin of the dart board was a keg of a turned on its side. On the bottom of the keg were three concentric circles. An off duty archer through his broken Arrow, scoring…

(3) if it landed in the inner circle, giving us the modern day triple
(2) if it landed in the middle circle giving us the modern day double, and
(1) if it landed in the outer circle.

As time passed, more and more dart boards were developed, for example: the Manchester board has no triples but has two bull's-eyes. The most commonly used is that London board. This is the board used in national and international tournaments, and this is the board from which the games in this book have been devised.

The standard London board is 45.7 cm across 18 inches and the scoring area from the outermost ring (double to double) is 21 cm in diameter or 8.25 inches; the inner bull is a circle 1.3 cm in diameter or .05 inches and the outer bull is a circle of 3.2 cm in diameter or 1.25 inches; normal scoring for inner bull is 50, and for an outer of bull 25.

The number 20 is black and stands at the top of the board. The distance from the centre of the inner bull vertically to the floor is 1.73 cm or 5'8" and “oche" or “hockey" is set up as a marker for the player throwing must stand behind this or The throw is invalid. The distance at which the oche or hockey is set is 2.37 metres or 7 feet, 9.25 inches from the face of the dart board.
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How to Play the Dart Game Baseball

Number of Players: 2 or 2 teams of 3
Number of Darts: 3

The object of this game is to throw as many home runs as possible, the four bases are, 20 first base, 6 second, 3 third, 11 home base.

After selecting teams and the batting order play begins. The player throwing first must aim at 20 (first base) once the player hits that number he moves on to 6 (second base), the player has three more darts to hit his target regardless of how many darts were thrown at 20.

When a player misses the target he is throwing for three times, this counts as three strikes. That a player is out of the game.

The next number on that team has his turn and starts from first base (20).

In how ever, a player scores a home run without having three strikes he waits in line for his “bat" again. When all three players on that team are out, the other team goes in to “bat" at the end of their innings the teams with the most home runs wins.

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Harrows Graflite Tungstens are made from a unique sintered carbon toughened alloy, which allow the darts to be aggressively knurled, giving a non-slip grip over the entire length of the barrel. Hi-Tech shafts are combined with revolutionary micro fibre technology flights for extreme darts sport performance.

We carry a large range of including the Atlantis, Boxer, Eric Bristow, Magnum, Power Point and V-Wing.

Deadeye Darts was established in the early 1990’s and has been on the web since 1995 making us the first online Australian Darts Store. We strive to be the cheapest, best stocked and most reliable quality darts store in Australia. 

We stock and recommend only quality made by Nodor and Winmau

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Ruthless Extra Tough Dart Flights

The most popular dart flights we sell. Over the years there has been a gradual shift from original polyester flights that were/are around 70 micron polyester. The range is manufactured from 100 micron polyester in a vast range of designs in all the various shapes, including the usual standard, slim speed, pear and tear drop.

As they maintain their rigidity your darts fly truer giving you greater consistency. It also helps considerably if you use flight protectors as these little accessories help the flight maintain near perfect flight shape. Not to forget the extra wear your get from the heavier polyester.

We hear from our customers that with the use of the new Trident 180 dart cones dart flights, are lasting much, much longer

We stock other 100 micron polyester, including the Amazon  range as well as the Pentathlon and Harrows Marathon dart flights.

Deadeye Darts was established in the early 1990’s and has been on the web since 1995 making us the first online Australian Darts Store. We strive to be the cheapest, best stocked and most reliable quality darts store in Australia. 

We stock and recommend only quality dartboards made by Nodor and Winmau

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How To Play The Dart Game Killers


The dart game Killers is designed for at least 3 darters. The more the merrier though. It’s also one of the few games that are compatible with an odd number of players. It’s also a superb dart game to play to increase your outing skills for competition dart games like 501. The purpose of this dart game is to be the last darter with lives on the scoreboard.

You will need to write all the participants names are written down the left hand side of the score board in random order. To start you will need every darter to throw one dart at the dart board. Closest to the bullseye will start. Normally, the player that is knocked out first in the original game will start first in the following one. Next to each of the darters names you will need to place three tally marks signifying the total lives that each player has remaining. If you want a longer game then increase the lives.

The game should start with each darter in sequential order, throwing one dart with their weaker hand at the dart board. This number will be the darters number for the rest of the time they are involved in the game. The darters should write the number they hit next to their name so the number is easily remembered. If a player throws a bullseye with their dart they should re-throw until they hit a number. However, no two players can have the same number.

To follow this you must become a killer by hitting your numbers double. After a player hits their double the letter k should be written next to their name so everyone knows their now a killer. If you hit the double of a number with the dart you throw with your weaker hand you instantly become a killer. This is unless someone has already claimed that number.

Once a darter is classified as a killer they need to try and kill their opposition by hitting the doubles of their numbers. If you accidently hit your own number as a killer you also lose lives. Each hit to a player’s double only counts as one life taken per dart. If a player loses a life one tally mark is crossed off. You can obviously change up what people are aiming at if there is a gap in class between the players. In the end when the smoke clears it counts to be the last one left with any lives.

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How To Play The Dart Game High and Low

High & Low.

These two dart games are actually almost identical. Both games can be played with any number of darters, including an odd one. You want to be the only darter at the end of the game with any lives left.

You begin by writing down the darters names on the left hand side of the scoreboard. You will need to work out who starts the game first, so ever player should throw one dart at the dart board. Closest to the bullseye will go first and the furthest away obviously shoots last in the first game. However the player first out in the original game will go first in the next game and so on. You will also need to put three marks next to the players names so as to indicate the total number of lives that player has remaining. You can have more lives if you want the game to go for longer.

To start the dart game high the first darter lobs two darts at the same time to set a starting number the numbers hit by those two darts are added together to make the starting figure. The next player must beat that number with their three darts which they throw in conventional style. The next player must then beat that score. Ties count as not beating the number. However if one of the players fails to beat the score they lose a life and must re-throw until they set a new figure to beat. If you loose all your lives you are not the best high player, you should probably bow down to a superior darter.

Low works the opposite way. Once the number is set by the first player the second player must then get a lower score then the original person. Then the next player tries to get an even lower score then that and so on. However if you hit a bullseye you get minus 25 points and if you hit the inner bullseye its minus 50 points so the best low score you can get is -150. Again you continue until one player is remaining with lives.

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How To Play The Dart Game Fox Hunt

Fox Hunt.

The Fox Hunt dart game is a little more challenging then most other dart games. Because of this we would say that this is better suited to intermediate and above skill levels. It is probably also better played by just two players. The object of the game is for the fox to get to his burrow before the hound and obviously the hound needs to catch the fox before it gets back to the burrow. Both participants will have an opportunity to be the fox and the hound. Whichever participant advances the furthest as the fox will end up winning the game.

There is probably no point in conventional scoring, however you will need to remember which number you got up to as the fox and which number your opponent ends on as the fox. So to begin this face-paced dart game both darters need to throw one dart each at the dartboard. The closest darter to the bullseye will be the fox.

The darter that starts as the fox will begin on the wedge, 20. To advance to the next number the fox must hit both a single and double twenty. They only receive three darts to per turn. The hound then begins on the wedge, 18. They must hit just the double to continue. Then continue around the board counter-clockwise trying to hit the double of the number that the fox is on. The hound also only receives three throws per turn. If they miss on the first whole round of the dartboard they must continue around the board. If the fox gets back to the 20 only a double 20 is needed to finish their round is over and they have reached the burrow and are safe and their turn has ended. Then the roles would be reversed. If the fox is caught by the hound they both remember the number the fox finished on and again reverse roles. Once roles are reversed the original fox must try to stop the second fox from getting further around the board then they did. If they succeed they win.

If both foxes make it to the same number or both get home, you can either call the game a tie or replay until someone slips up and a winner is evident. Simple strategies would have to be when you’re the fox run as fast as you can round that board. As the hound be accurate and catch that sneaky fox.

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How To Play The Dart Game Castle

Castle can be played by as little or as many players as you want; having either an odd or even number of people doesn’t matter in the slightest. The purpose of the game is to be the first participant to build a castle as represented below:

To begin the game you will need to get everyone playing to throw one dart. Closet to the bullseye will begin and all the rest of the players follow in sequential order based on how close they were to the bullseye, furthest away obviously goes last. The names of the participants should be written on your scoreboard in sequential throwing order with their version of the castle as pictured. Each participant then throws one dart with the opposite hand they usually throw with and the number they hit whether it is a triple or double it doesn’t matter. Whatever plain number is hit it will be their number for the rest of the game. The number should be written on the scoreboard will the players name. If a bullseye is hit a re-throw would need to occur.

After each participant has revealed their target number for the game, the same number can be shared by two players it is insignificant, you throw three darts at your target number. Each hit you colour in, cross or tick off a box, for doubles of your target number its worth two boxes and three boxes for triples. A player may however also choose to stop another player advancing by attacking their castle. You can choose to build your own castle by hitting your predetermined number or eliminate boxes of someone else’s castle by hitting their number. The same score system still counts for attacking other players castle so if you are number 5 they are trying to hit the number 10 and you hit a triple 10, double 10, 5. Then your opponent who was aiming at the ten would loose 5 boxes and you would gain 1 box. You also can’t send another player into negative boxes. So if they have no boxes checked, don’t aim at their number. However if a players building a little too quickly you may need to knock them off their pedestal by hitting their number. In the end all that matters is who fills their boxes first and creates the castle. They will be declared castle champion. Until next game.

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Bullseye Baseball.

This is a fairly difficult game but super fun when you get the hang of it. Everyone can play; you can play with a couple of people or as teams. The point of the game is reasonably simple. You have to score as many runs in each inning as possible and the team or player that has the highest total at the end of the game wins bragging rights.

You will start by writing the numbers 1 to 9 in ascending order on the left hand side of your specified scoreboard. All the players’ names should then be written in sequential batting order across the top of the scoreboard. This can be determined by one dart from each player and measuring closest to the bullseye. Alternatively you can play scissors, paper, rock if it tickles your fancy a little more.

Each participant then proceeds to throw three darts at the board. To score in the first inning you must hit 1’s, in the second inning, 2’s etc. However you must hit a bullseye with one of your three darts to score those runs for that inning. Outer bullseye’s count for x1 however whatever you score is multiplied by 2 if you hit the inner bullseye, and doubles count as two runs and triples as three. Therefore, the highest possible score you can get in one innings is 12 which would be made up of; inner bullseye, triple a, triple a, a being the number your hitting for that specific innings. E.g. For fourth inning it would be inner bullseye, triple 4, triple 4 in any order.

The easiest way to keep a total throughout the game is probably by using a tally system marking out the innings total and adding it to the grand total after each player or team has finished throwing. That way participants can see how far behind they are and how good they need to throw that following innings. I would also suggest if you are getting flogged by a superior darter then definitely resort to borking. Any wins a good one.

If there happens by some miracle that all the players choke and there is a tie at the end of the ninth and final inning an extra inning should be undertaken with caution. Normally bullseyes are the tie-breaker, they also only count as one run in the extra innings. This continues until someone losses and bows down to the master.

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Rebirth of the Dart League

Rebirth of the Dart League.

It's a sad fact that despite resurgence in the popularity of darts globally, player numbers in Victoria appeared to be diminishing. Many leagues are finding it more and more difficult to field a full complement of teams and dart seasons are either becoming very short or very long depending on whether to play each other twice or three times during the season to make up for reduced the participants. Long gone, it seems, are the days of having team numbers that allowed for just once through the draw before commencement of the finals.

During our research for the Darter the decline was extremely evident. Many leagues contacted had experienced a significant reduction in numbers, resulting in few if any annual or interleague competitions, little enthusiasm for the promotion and only occasional special member events.

Perhaps the waning player numbers can be blamed partially on our ageing population, after all one does reach an age when the travelling and evening commitments become difficult, and where the average age of Australians living steadily higher it may be something we now need to consider. On the other hand many young couples find much of their spare time taken eaten up striving to a more luxurious lifestyle and focusing on career first and finally little time for simple pastimes.

Junior Dart players continue to emerge but in desperately low numbers despite the many opportunities offered by the VDC. These events are often poorly attended and leave officials scratching their heads as to what more can be done. As we all know young players of the future of our sport and what we really require is retention of our senior players at the one end whilst bolstering participation of juniors at the other… no easy task.

As if things aren't shaky enough, in recent months we have had the additional upheaval of the smoking ban in venues. Of all the sports it has hit hardest, darts and pool must be near the top of the list. The traditional “neck-oil and durry brigade" have indeed been hit where it hurts and perhaps many feel the weathering of the elements to continue their indoor sport just isn't worth the bother.

Smoking isn't allowed inside and drinking isn't allowed outside (unless in specifically designated areas). Who would have thought that a scarf, coat and woolly hat would become an essential part of Australian Dart-players kit?

Even as a non-smoker I can't escape the impact of this well meaning yet disruptive legislation when delays in game commencement, the abandonment of scoresheets and the ensuing chaos that the constant rounding up of players causes the flow of the match. No doubt many league constitutions will be amended in coming months to address these etiquette issues, but at present things remain difficult at best. The leagues that seem to cope best are those where only one scoresheet is used between teams, reducing commitment players to official duties, and freeing up more smokers to have a cigarette and returning time of their match.

Some exceptions to the flagging numbers do thankfully exist and here we will look at two organisations which are enjoying good growth despite the trend. Perhaps we could take their lead from their book in order to us with our own shrinking numbers. Legends Victoria, there were only emerged 10 years ago, as a mass more than 130 members since that time and Benalla darts Association has grown in recent years from 12 teams to 26. Perhaps if there are some common elements that we can identify, by taking these on board we may encourage a revival within our own leagues.

The committee of both Legends and Benalla are unquestionably dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of its members, an important factor in their overall success. The legacy and outgoing committee believes sets the trend within the league. A robust, discipline committee that oversees with objectivity and foresight will create an environment wherein new end interesting ideas can be fielded.

Legends for instance have a fund-raising committee of the most engaging people circulating during events. They make light-hearted and friendly conversation, sell raffle tickets and key players up to date on the weekends schedule of activities. I truly believe this makes a positive impact on the tenor of the day and allows everyone to deal a welcome part of each event.

The role such people play with in a league should never be taken for granted as they contribute far more than just dollars to the social fund. Obviously some people are more suited to these roles more and others, but then out of the league will attract a healthy response to these positions when vacancies exist and a happy league will often find the same people intend to stay in the position of more than just one year before waving the white flag.

Legends was established to encourage members over the age of 45, therefore having a format tailored to accommodate the needs of this age group was paramount for its early success. Members have always enjoyed a well structured format that included a variety of events including trivia nights, tours and group bookings at restaurants that evening meals during competitions. Many say at the same accommodation venues or at friend's homes during events thus making the whole weekend great fun.

Perhaps the regular inclusion of non-darting activities has provided the variety and companionship away from the oche that many in this age bracket C in a past time and attracts all keeps more senior players within the sport. VDC affiliation enables Legends players (even in remote areas) the opportunity to participate in a VDC events. The Melbourne Cup, Oaks Plate, State Fours and Sixes competitions and State reserve challenge now become accessible through one simple membership, without the weekly commitment.

Banalla Dart Association

When I finally caught up with the Ray Croxford, President of them Benalla Darts Association, he was talking to set up the weekend event… at the bowls club. Not only is Ray heavily involved in darts but also finds the time to well run the Moora Bowls Club. Ray is a dedicated and knowledgeable organiser with both a personable nature and a willingness to share.

Despite his workload on the day we met and several phone calls during a meeting he was relaxed and never once lost his train of thought during our conversation.

Ray proudly related that Benalla Darts Association is a family orientated darts league where youngsters and the elderly can come and be part of activities without the embarrassment of fowl language and angry, drunken behaviour. That was stopped years ago when team members were low and Ray took the helm.

“ It's just not acceptable when you have the elderly or young people in the room", said Ray." So we call everyone together and made it clear that offensive behaviour wasn't going to be tolerated any longer. Most accepted it readily, and those that didn't like it left. Those members were few and the league was ultimately better off without them."

Team numbers soon began to grow and a sound financial position saw the league introduce regular darting and non-darting activities for its members. Even when airguns were low the league bought meat and put on subsidised meals on darts nights. Suppers are traditionally some central any include a variety of fine fare from talented cooks within their ranks.

Seasonal parties and bus trips to Barooga have become legendary within the BDA and are often the first enquiry of new members. But if one was to think of the BDA only in terms of bus trips and parties they would be very much mistaken and risk overlooking other facets of Ray and the BDA charter that play an equally important role in its success.

Like all Dart leagues BDA holds its annual presentation night with awards and speeches as committee and recipients addressed the gathering. It is a joyous light-hearted event celebrated with substantial trophies, good food and (of course) some free drinks, but there is one moment during the event when everyone goes silent. For this one special presentation during the festivities Ray takes the microphone in a respectful silence befalls all in attendance without any prompting. Everyone in the room knows the importance of what's going to follow.

The presentation Ray holds in his hand is being made in the memory of his good friend and Dart player who lost his life trying to save a mate who climbed into and fume-filled well and was overcome. Without thought of his own safety he hurriedly on down to help Only to suffer the same dreadful consequences. Ray doesn't hesitate to recall during his speech how “bloody stupid" it was a this dear friend not to have taken the time to the think first, but the selfless act in all still stirs a motion as the recollection the loss.

Of all the trophies that the Benalla darts Association presents at the end of the season none more sentiment than this one presented for “outstanding service" to the League and its members. Apparently you can hear at pin drop as Ray announces the winner. Last year saw Ray awarded the trophy for his own efforts by members in the most emotional presentation and one he will cherish for ever.

Recently the BDA held a fund raiser pro-gun pregnant Dart player kicked in the face by a horse and struggling with the associated expenses. Tickets were sold and donations poured in from members until the final tally reached several thousands of dollars. The BDA in sell donated an additional $2000 from its funds and a caring prizewinner donated the raffle prize to the young mother to be. Do we begin to see a pattern here?

At the start by an interview with Ray the one thing I want to ask was whether he could highlight any one factor a league should consider above all others when striving for Success. By the time our conversation was over I knew without even having to ask. For the league to succeed it must look after its members. Committee members are certainly important but they don't hold any special rights or privileges. “Monthly meetings where sometimes hundreds of dollars of league funds are spent on meals and drinks for a select few are just not acceptable", said Ray

There was a time in years past as the BDA when players were poached specifically to bolster one particular t team. "It was never an acceptable for fair practice and has been stopped so teams can now choose and keep your own members and not be dictated to by one authority and misusing their position".

The league funds belong to its members equally and should be used for the enjoyment of the league as a whole. Responsible financial management is crucial to avoiding conflict and upsets amongst members, not to mention legal intervention when things get really out of hand.

To help share the rewards of a healthy bank balance the BDA put on the infamous Barooga bus trip annual where only $10, drinks are supplied on the bus as they can away for the day at the pokies. Small novelty gifts are awarded to passengers during the trip and add to the fun and laughter along the way. Subsidised five dollar dinners and a few dollars to spend on the poker machines make fun day for all. Last season $2000 was spent on this event for members enjoyment, but barely put a dent in their funds… such is the strength of the BDA.

Ray expressed sincere disappointment to hear that during our research for our register of Victoria Dart Leagues several well known leagues have either collapsed or gone into “recession", as one past Secretary called it. Ray understands the problems well, and once that is experience to mentor or caretaker nearby league that was struggling. Despite the call by its members for Ray to help it regained its feet, the floundering committee refused his offer and chose a path that ultimately led to the league and folding instead…

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