Robson Flights

Review by Ralf M. These are amongst the most durable flights that I have ever used. I’ve been a fan for a while. They come in around 6 different shapes and 7 different colours. The thing that I like most about these is that there are no special stems to buy. Robson flights are easily installed on most standard nylon shafts like the Deadeye Vignette, Spiroline, and DeadRinger, Glo-stick or Nobby plus or similar nylon shafts. They just push on until the Robson flight is wedged in place and away you go. They’re more durable than similar more expensive products that need special shafts and that twist and warp. Robeson’s are the ideal alternative if you want to try a moulded dart flight without breaking the bank. These are for you. 22/04/21
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