Eric Bristow Darts

Review by Ralf M. Legend Darts Eric Bristow 23g Knurled Steel Tip Darts Eric Bristow, an amazing man, who had an incredible career as a dart player. He played with and against many other legendary Dart players of the era and was World Champion 4 times in the 1980s. I remember him for his dart grip, in particular the cocked pinkie on his right hand when he aimed. Eric is one of the greatest dart legends of all time. He went through the ups and downs of the sport during his career and, mentored a player who would become the world’s greatest Dart Player to date - Phil Taylor. The dart barrels are basically reproductions of Eric’s darts in plain ringed barrels, or knurled barrels. To be honest I have a personal preference for ringed barrels but, the knurled version in this case is a treat to play with. This is a purist’s dart, a straight centre balanced barrel. The front 3/4 of the barrel is made up of 12 equally spaced knurled rings. They provide a positive although not aggressive grip on the barrel. The rear 1/4 of the dart is a combination of a small smooth section contains the hallmark and a few shallow grooves. The barrel length of 49mm and diameter of 6.4mm married with the supplied shafts present the player with a set of darts that are modest and understated but feel like something really next level. Whether you grip front, rear or centre of the barrel these throw beautifully. Straight and true every time. They are a set of darts that are devoid of gimmicks, no coatings, colours or fancy machining, they are just a really well made set in a timeless design. They are well balanced and very easy to throw. Undoubtedly this set of darts that are more than just a memorial of a man whose legacy will go on. This is a set that would suit any player of any skill level looking for a set of darts that are a tried and true, simple design. The darting world lost Eric Bristow in 2018, his Legend lives on in these darts.
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