Dartboards - you can't play darts without one, Dartboards have evolved over the history of the game from lumps of wood to the Bristle Dartboard that is used to-day.

The "Clock" I.e. The face of the dartboard has two centre bull rings (single and double) an elusive treble ring, and an outer double ring. The thickness of the dartboard varies but it is important since it provides a cushioning effect for the dart. A dart landing in a thin board produces a loud unpleasant 'clonk', a good board sounds a comfortable 'thud'.

The Bristle Dartboard which is made from sisal, the fibre used for making ropes, carpets etc.

Deadeye has the biggest range of dartboards ranging in price and quality. We do not sell paper boards.

Our Dartboards are used by all professional dart players in competition as well as for home use. If treated properly the dartboard used at home should last for many years. When we say the dartboard needs to be treated properly we mean that the numbers on the dartboard need to be rotated. This allows the face of the dartboard to be used in a consistent manner.

Brands that we sell are include our very own Deadeye Bandit, Winmau, Nodor, Unicorn, Target, Puma, Bulls. We keep a large supply of each dartboard in stock and can ship to anywhere in Australia.

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