The Extra Long Steel Tip Dart Points are now back in stock. We have just received our order of replacement steel tip dart points. The Extra Long 42 mm Black Points are designed to reduce the angle of attack helping stack the trebles. These points have proved to be hugely popular.

Click on the image to go directly to your extra long points.

We have also received stock of four different points, knurled, ringed and knurled, left spiral and right spiral. These points will be up on our site over the next couple of weeks.

Also back in stock are the Trident 180 – Dart Point Cones.

These little winders massively improve the life of flights by:

Reduced dart on flight deflections
Dart simply slide past the previous flight
Increased aerodynamics and flight protection
Stylish design in a choice of black or white
As used by Dennis Priestley, Mark Webster and Alan Tabern.
4 sets in each pack

Click on the image to go to the Trident 180 Dart Point Cones